Print Drives America Foundation

Print Drives America Foundation


A National Advocacy Initiative to Meaningfully Increase the Market Share of Print

Our Mission

The MISSION of the PRINT DRIVES AMERICA Foundation is to give PRINT a stronger voice.
INCREASE PRINT’s dominant market share.
GIVE PRINT a positive perception and make PRINT attractive to all.
STRENGTHEN the high-tech status of PRINT.
DEFINE PRINT’s efficiency and ROI effectiveness.
DEMONSTRATE how PRINT can be supported by other media.
REMIND everyone that PRINT is green.
RESET the PRINT mindset as positive.
SHOW that PRINT is the largest communications media of all, larger than broadcast and internet and new media and larger than all other media combined.

Our Targets

Every individual who can specify PRINT is a target.
We will include the brand owners, their Chief Marketing Officers (CMO’s), and marketing teams who set media plans and budgets.
We will include ad agencies and all those who can specify and purchase media and print. We will educate all on the amazing effectiveness and ROI of PRINT.
Marketing and sales executives will be shown how PRINT sells products and services and how it can be supported by other media.

Our Tools

These tools will be among those used to get PRINT’s positive message out:

  • These tools will be among those used to get PRINT’s positive message out:
  • Newspaper and Magazine articles
  • Positioning Papers
  • Presentations
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Advertising
  • Educational Materials
  • PRINT Facts
  • Press Releases and Conferences
  • Industry Events

Our Members

PRINTERS – Large and Small. Every Process, Every Application

VENDORS – Press Manufacturers, Paper Mills, Paper Merchants, Ink Companies, Finishing Equipment Companies, Software Firms, Color Management Companies, Print Embellishment Firms and more

BRAND OWNERS – Products and Services from companies of all description

AD AGENCIES – PR Firms, Graphic Design Firms, Creative Agencies

MARKETERS – CMO’s, Marketing Executives from Corporations and Agencies





Join The Fight!

The Print Drives America Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) charitable organization. All contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible. Funds for the Foundation’s marketing and PR efforts will be raised from both printers and vendors without regard to geographic limitations. Contributions can be accepted in any amount and frequency but suggestions are made by using annual sales as a guideline. Contributors do not need to be PIA members.

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Print Drives America Foundation

For more information about supporting the Print Drives America Foundation, contact:

Marty Maloney, Executive Director
(203) 912-0804

Visit their website at:

Ask for Guidelines on Becoming:

  • A Contributor
  • A Founding Member
  • An Advisory Board Member
  • A Marketing Partner
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