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Upcoming Events

  • Getting Back to Business - How to keep your keep your plant safe, clean and compliant after COVID-19


    Join the Graphic Arts Association’s Environmental Health & Safety Director, Steve Stankavage, for an overview on all things safety since COVID-19 came to town.  How do I keep my plant SAFE, COMPLIANT & CLEAN?

    Learn what OSHA expects and more:

    • COVID -19…. how it is spread (OSHA guidelines)
    • Preparing to open fully and expand industrial operations (requirements needed to conduct operations)
    • Employee education (OSHA Required)
    • Guidance for reopening buildings/areas after a prolonged shutdown (other infectious conditions)
    • Cleaning and disinfecting the work facilities
    • OSHA record keeping requirements for illnesses
    • Workers’ rights and employer retaliation (OSHA requirement)

    This webinar is free for members of Printing Industries Alliance and Graphic Arts Association.  Click here to register.

  • Continuous Improvement Ready! Webinar

    06/15/2020 - 06/19/2020

    Printing Industries of America’s CI Ready! virtual conference event features five sessions presented over five days that will focus on helping printing and converting companies achieve operational excellence by using the concepts of Lean thinking and other management systems.

  • Retirement Plan Trends Webinar


    How has COVID-19 changed the retirement plan dynamic? What challenges and opportunities do the SECURE Act and the CARES Act present? Are all your bases covered as the Fiduciary? Join us for these questions and more with our expert panel providing a live Q&A session of the following topics…


    Jeremy Messinger – Goldleaf Partners

    • SECURE Act – Opportunities for Plan Sponsors and Participants
    • Q&A

    Matt Ferullo – Morningstar Investment Management

    • As a Fiduciary for your plan – Are your processes consistent and repeatable?
    • Q&A

    Aaron Finch – VOYA

    • Voya’s 4 “Rules Of Thumb” to help participants make wise decisions with the CARES Act options – Leveraging behavioral science data
    • Q&A

    The webinar is free for members of Printing Industries Alliance and Graphic Arts Association.  Click here to register.


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