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Guidance and tools for benchmarking, economic forecasts and technology updates, networking with industry leaders.
Get advice or make a connection when faced with a technical, regulatory, management, financial or labor situation.

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Upcoming Events

  • PIA & thINK: USPS — Mail’s Dynamic Journey


    Steve Monteith, Vice President of Marketing with the United States Postal Service, will share insights into the value of print and mail in today’s marketplace and provide details on the programs being deployed to feature the strengths of physical mail to drive results.

  • 2021 Wage & Benefit Survey


    Participate now in the 2021 Wage & Benefit Survey! Participating will help you gain invaluable insights to stay competitive in your local labor marketplace.

  • Project Peacock Publishing


    Publishing continues to evolve in so many exciting ways. No longer a faceless funnel transmitting books and magazines to readers, it’s now an ever-expanding landscape that utilizes technology and customer data to gain insight into what customers and consumers want, and how to give it to them.


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