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Printing Industries Alliance conducted a study to determine what the exact “Return on Investment” (ROI) potential was for members utilizing one or more of the organization’s group buying programs. What we found was that members collectively achieved an amazing 759% return on their membership investment over a 12 month time period.  Savings were achieved through participation in a broad assortment of services available through Printing Industries Alliance and our national affiliate, PRINTING United Alliance.

Membership ROI brochure

Services being tracked for compilation into this study include:

PIA Member service           Dollars Saved
NYS Workers’ Compensation $1,838,974
Legal/Employment Law Consulting $250,000
FSC Certification $52,274
Safety Training $24,228
Credit Card Processing $25,435
FedEx Shipping $13,163
Printing United Alliance Programs & Services $17,550
Experian Credit Reports $788
Commercial Collection Fees $1,202

Savvy business owners weigh every decision they make to ensure a positive ROI is achievable. With Printing Industries Alliance you can get the industry information and business support you need AND put money in your pocket.

The most profitable printers in the United States return approximately 20% on their asset investment on a yearly basis, according to the PIA Ratio Studies. Contrast that with the average PIA member who realized an ROI of 546% and had a net real dollar savings of $7,952, up and above their membership investment.  These figures illustrate the value available to companies who become Printing Industries Alliance members AND utilize our programs. Collectively, members saved over $2.3 million during the study period.

If you are interested in learning more about how Printing Industries Alliance can help your firm trim expenses and grow the bottom line, complete the following and submit to us. We will follow up with you shortly with more information.  Contact the staff members listed at right for immediate service.

Here is how you can ramp up your Membership ROI with Printing Industries Alliance:

Employee Benefits and Insurance

Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Human Resource Management

Business Services

  • Credit Card Processing – save up to 40% on card processing fees through BASYS Processing
  • Material Exchange – a 25% permanent discount in fees when product sells
  • Packsize – save big with an on-demand packaging solution (minimum quantities apply)
  • Transportation Management and Logistics Program – 10-15% Savings on shipping
  • Cyber Security/IT Services – Save 15% on Managed Services, Network Security, and Consulting
  • HIPAA, SOC2, and SSAE 16 Audits – 20% savings
  • Constellation Energy Services – Save Thousands on Electricity and Gas
  • FedEx Express & Ground – 20-50% Savings
  • Commercial Collection Fees – 10% Discount on contingency fees
  • Experian Credit Reports – 40% discount
  • Printing United Alliance Programs and Services – Member Rates on Training, Publications, Conferences, and more.

Printing Industries Alliance – Here to Help You Make The Most of Your Membership ROI

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