Printing Industries Alliance represents the interests of our industry with a variety of federal, state and local legislative and regulatory bodies and by battling against the efforts of the “anti-paper, anti-print, anti-mail” crowd on an almost daily basis.

Legislative/Regulatory Support

How can an individual printing firm have its voice heard with government? The most effective way is to become a Printing Industries Alliance member. Every day, experienced government affairs staff, at the federal and regional levels, are protecting your ability to profitably conduct business.

Here’s how we do it:

The USPS is a Major Economic Asset- Time to Start Treating It Like One!

It is hard to envision what our lives would be like, both personally and economically, without the United States Postal service. The time to act is now- Click Here to send a message to your US Congressional Representatives and ask them to support the POSTAL SERVICE EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE ACT (S. 4174)

Print Drives America Foundation

Make no mistake! “Print/Paper/Mail” has been under assault from various factions over the past several years. That’s why Printing Industries Alliance formed the Print Drives America Foundation – to give print a stronger voice in how it stacks up against other communication mediums. The Print Drives America Foundation will set the record straight and lift the misinformation mist that have obscured the facts about print and restore print’s leadership position.

The Print Drives America Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donations to the Foundation are used to support the Foundation’s industry marketing and PR efforts. Donations are solicited from printers and vendors, regardless of geographic location.

Printing Industries Alliance and Print Drives America Foundation – Advocating to Preserve Our Industry

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