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Today’s printing manager is faced with a complex tangle of state and federal HR laws and issues. FMLA, ADA, workplace harassment, training, recruiting…the list goes on and on. How to stay in compliance while maintaining a positive and productive workforce?


Printing Industries Alliance is a recognized leader in the development and implementation of proactive human resource management programs tailored to the needs of our members.

PIA Human Resource Solutions services are geared to companies of any size, location, production process, union status, or market and emphasize effective management techniques proven to help member companies.

Human Resource Solutions are provided by PIA Staff and Partner Organization and Association Counsel, Ferrara Fiorenza PC, one of the leading employment law firms in the Northeast. Working together, we will assist your company in navigating the maze of federal, state, and local employment law while maintaining a positive workplace culture and productive workforce, so necessary for success in today's graphic communications industry.

Solutions for Managers Who Lead People

(Owners, HR Managers, Line Supervisors, etc.)

Solutions for Managers Who Lead People

(Owners, HR Managers, Line Supervisors, etc.)

Human Resource Management Contacts

General HR Questions

Tim Freeman, President
Printing Industries Alliance
(716) 691-3211

PIA Association Counsel

Nicholas J. Fiorenza, Managing Partner
Michael L. Dodd, Partner
Ferrara Fiorenza PC
(315) 437-7600 | ferrarafirm.com

Printing Industries Alliance

Providing professional Human Resource Management support for the Graphic Communications Industry

Next time you need assistance in handling an HR issue, contact us and ask about our Human Resource Solutions program!

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