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Printing Industries Alliance Announces "On-Demand" OSHA Training Webinars - Free to Members

Most OSHA standards require employee training and that is often a big part of the compliance problem. The material is generally very technical, it is difficult to shut down production to train employees and hiring a consultant to do the training is expensive.

That’s where Printing Industries Alliance can help!

We are pleased to announce PIA Safety Training Webinars are now available “on demand” on the PIA website, and are free to Printing Industries Alliance members.  For many years, PIA has offered free safety training to members, both on-site and via webinar.  The “on-demand” webinars make getting your company’s training completed even easier than before.

Why is it a good idea to participate in PIA’s free “On-Demand” Safety Webinars?

  • Satisfies OSHA mandated employee safety training
  • Can help your employees work safer
  • Can reduce your exposure to Workers’ Compensation losses
  • Helps keep you out of trouble with OSHA, NYS DEC and other regulatory agencies

All webinar presentations include training program summaries, handouts, sign in sheets for documentation and much more.


All employees exposed to a workplace hazard are required to participate in a safety training program that addresses the hazard.

It’s not just a good idea, it’s the law!

How to Access the Online Safety Webinars

Printing Industries Alliance members access the webinars through the Member Resource Center section of the website.

  • Log in to the members only Member Resources Center (blue button at the top of the page)

  • Members login with their email address and the password print123

  • Click on Access Webinars in the Safety Webinars box

  • All of the available webinars are listed on the next page. Click “View” to proceed to the desired webinar.

  • The webinar registration page includes any pertinent documentation and handouts needed for each webinar, so you can download and distribute before beginning the training.

  • All webinars include basic training components necessary to be in compliance. In most instances, companies will need to add training information about specific hazards and policies for your operation. PIA provides specific instructions on what else you need to do.

Trouble logging in or questions on using the online webinars? Contact PIA at (716) 691-3211 or email info@PIAlliance.org.

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