PIA 4 U OR “PIA For You!”

Managing a printing business is challenging on the best days. No matter how well intentioned, often family and friends just don’t understand the issues you encounter with your printing business.

We do!  With over 150 years of varied management level industry experience, you can count on Printing Industries Alliance for confidential, professional, unbiased and unpressured advice and support on an incredible variety of topics including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Dealing with a problem employee
  • Finding a new employee
  • Reacting to union handbilling
  • Getting your facility OSHA compliant
  • Managing an OSHA citation
  • Filing for an environmental permit
  • Getting FSC certified
  • Starting a lean manufacturing program
  • Improving your customer service department
  • Improving your marketing effort
  • Evaluating your current insurance program
  • Reducing your 401(k) fiduciary liability
  • Dealing with a sales tax audit
  • Telling your customer why they shouldn’t divert their printing budget to electronic media
  • Helping you collect a debt from a customer in another part of the country
  • Understanding export regulations to sell print into Canada
  • Connecting with a potential “M and A” candidate
  • Finding (or selling) a used piece of printing equipment
  • Talking to another printer who is using software you are evaluating
  • Negotiating a union contract
  • Evaluating a vendor contract

If you need help with an unfamiliar situation, want to move a “back burner” project to the front burner, need research on an industry topic or just want to talk, remember… PIA 4 U!

For further information on how PIA can assist you, contact the PIA staff at right.

Printing Industries Alliance – We Are Here for U!

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