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Managing a printing company in today’s economy and industry is challenging. My staff is cut to the bone and everyone is doing two jobs, at least! Where do I find the information, data, and management support to make the right decisions at the right time?


Let Printing Industries Alliance be your source for a variety of tools designed to help you make the winning decisions that will support your efforts to build a productive and profitable business.

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Marketing and Strategic Planning – a Deeper Dive – Sept. 2022

Marketing Planning, Sales Team Management & Social Media Usage – April 2022
Higher-performing printing firms engage in marketing planning, sales management, and social media marketing more than their lower performing counterparts.

Is Your Firm Growing Like Others in the Printing Industry?
Revenue and Growth Insights from the April 2022 PIPI Study-
If you are not growing, and you desire growth, step back with
your leadership team and take a critical, strategic look at your firm and its environment. Then make a strategic plan.

Identifying Strategic Groups in the Printing Industry and Their Related Performance Benchmarks – January 2022
Printing companies may vary significantly in what they do and what products/services they provide. This report aims to provide helpful performance benchmarks and knowledge.

Industry Outlook and Firm Performance – January 2022
We explore industry outlook and performance from multiple perspectives: national, regional, and multiple revenue categories.


Printing Industry Outlook – Q4 2021
If you plan to drive your firm to a different revenue category, these outlooks may support your ideas or prompt you to rethink your plan.

Workforce Shortages – October 2021
This report provides insights into how workforce shortages affect our industry and ways to address those shortages through effective recruiting, hiring, and human resource practices.

Supply Chain Disruption – October 2021 
This report presents insights related to how supply-chain problems are affecting our industry and related effective tactics.

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