PIA Insurance, Benefits and Risk Management Solutions

Problem: Insurance is complicated, costs are skyrocketing and they are consuming an ever-increasing portion of my bottom line. How can I make sure my coverages match my exposures, maximize my company’s insurance investment, and obtain the savings and personal service normally offered to only the largest firms?

Solution: PIA Insurance, Benefits, and Risk Management Solutions (for Managers Making Insurance Decisions: Owners, CFOs, Controllers, HR Managers)

Printing Industries Alliance members can leverage Association buying power through our PIA Insurance, Benefits, and Risk Management Solutions program. PIA Partner Organization, Gilroy, Kernan & Gilroy (GKG), a leading insurance organization, provides a wide variety of insurance and financial products, specifically designed for our industry, packaged together into the PIA Insurance, Benefits, and Risk Management Solutions program. GKG provides a strategic approach to risk management for PIA members. This member benefit entitles PIA members to a variety of GKG’s offerings and programs, including:

  • Employee Benefits Benchmarking
  • Exclusive Insurance Products
  • Invitation to all GKG University Seminars/Webinars
  • Complimentary Risk Assessment
  • Complimentary Cyber Security Audit

New York State Workers Compensation

Save 30-40% on your annual Workers’ Compensation expense. Workers’ Compensation is an ever-increasing insurance expense. It is for this reason that Printing Industries Alliance offers a group Workers’ Compensation program for New York State employers.

PIA’s Workers’ Compensation Safety Group is a fully-insured program and is comprised of safety conscious employers who are part of a common industry. Premium is pooled and coverage is obtained through the State Insurance Fund. The premium volume generated enables group members to obtain financial benefits not available on an individual basis. Members receive an up-front dividend and all dollars not used to pay claims and administrative expenses are returned to the membership as a cash dividend.

Recent Discount and Dividend History

Policy Year Discount Dividend
2006-2007 20% 25%
2007-2008 20% 25%
2008-2009 20% 40%
2009-2010 25% 40%
2010-2011 25% 32.5%
2011-2012 25% 25%
2012-2013 25% 25%
2013-2014 25% 30%
2014-2015 20% 25%
2015-2016 20% 30%
2016-2017 20% 25%
2017-2018 25% 25%
2018-2019 25% tba


To obtain a no-obligation quote, complete and return reply form to PIA or contact Tim Freeman at (800) 777-4742.

PIA Employee Benefits Connection

Frustrated with the rising cost of health insurance? Tired of last minute renewals? interested in providing more value to your employees at less expense for you? Printing Industries Alliance and GKG, have combined to provide the PIA Employee Benefits Connection. The PIA Employee Benefits Connection has a variety of cost effective solutions to your health insurance and employee benefit concerns. Program features include:

  • Health Insurance
  • Employee Benefits (Dental, Disability, Life Insurance, etc.)
  • …and much more!

PIA 401(k) Program

If you haven’t looked at your company’s 401 (k) administration lately – you might be in for a surprise! You might be paying thousands more than you should in administrative fees and opening yourself up to potential liability as a plan sponsor. If you are the plan sponsor or trustee and exercise discretion or control over your company’s 401(k) plan, you are a fiduciary, a role that carries considerable responsibility.

Printing Industries Alliance is pleased to partner with Gilroy Kernan & Gilroy, Voya and Morningstar to provide members with a 401(k) plan that does all the above and more.

  • Rock bottom “PIA Members’ Only” fee structure
  • Total expense transparency
  • A broad spectrum of investment options
  • Fiduciary outsourcing and indemnification
  • Industry leading employee educational support, which increases participation
  • User friendly technology
  • Unrivaled local service and support

Learn more by contacting Tim Freeman, President, Printing Industries Alliance at (716) 691-3211 or email tfreeman@PIAlliance.org.

PIA Business Owners Commercial Insurance Program

You’ve got a printing business to run, and it’s our job to help you do that better than your competition. The PIA Insurance, Benefits, and Risk Management Solutions program has the solution. Working with GKG and asking the right questions, GKG’s proprietary, insight-driven four-step process reveals the best path to protection. The, backed by their fully-integrated team, personally invested in your success, we will help you implement those solutions that will turn risk into opportunity.

PIA Cyber Insurance Program

Cyber insurance generally covers your business’ liability for a data breach involving sensitive customer information, such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, account numbers, driver’s license numbers and health records. The PIA Cyber Insurance Program is tailored specifically to our industry and can support you in covering legal fees and expenses, pay ransom demands, cover lost business, cost of notifying customers about a data breach, restoring personal identities of affected customers, recovering compromised data, and repairing damaged computer systems.

Next time you need assistance in evaluating your company’s insurance programs, reviewing potential risk exposures, and determining if you are getting full value for your insurance spend, contact Printing Industries Alliance and ask about our PIA Insurance, Benefits, and Risk Management Solutions program!

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