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Problem: Insurance is complicated, costs are skyrocketing aand they are consuming an ever-increasing portion of my bottom line. How can I make sure my coverages match my exposures, maximize my company’s insurance investment, and obtain the savings and personal service normally offered to only the largest firms?

Solution: Insurance, Benefits and Risk Management Solutions

Members can leverage Association buying power through our Insurance, Benefits and Risk Management Solutions program. Our Partner Organization, Gilroy, Kernan & Gilroy (GKG), a leading insurance organization, provides a wide variety of insurance and financial products, specifically designed for our industry. GKG provides a strategic approach to risk management for members, resulting in a total understanding of the organization’s risk exposures and mitigating strategies.

Solutions for Managers Making Insurance Decisions
(Owners, CFO’s, Controllers, HR Managers)


Tim Freeman, President
Printing Industries Alliance
(716) 691-3211

Gilroy, Kernan & Gilroy

Andy Biernat, (315) 624-7819
Ross Kraft, (315) 624-2969
Sarah Armstrong, (315) 624-2964

Next time you need assistance in evaluating your company’s insurance programs, reviewing potential risk exposures, and determining if you are getting full value for your insurance spend, contact us and ask about our Insurance, Benefits and Risk Management Solutions program!

Printing Industries Alliance – Insurance, Benefits and Risk Solutions support for the graphic communications industry.

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