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PIA Insurance, Benefits and Risk Management  solutions!

Printing Industries Alliance members can leverage Association buying power through our PIA Insurance, Benefits and Risk Management Solutions program. PIA Partner, Gilroy Kernan & Gilroy (GKG), a leading insurance organization, provides a wide variety of insurance and financial products, specifically designed for our industry, packaged together into the PIA Insurance, Benefits and Risk Management Solutions program. GKG provides a strategic approach to risk management for PIA members.

This member benefit entitles PIA members to a variety of GKG’s offerings and programs. Read on for more detail.  Ready to start saving money with PIA?  Contact Tim Freeman, President, Printing Industries Alliance, at (716) 691-3211 or or complete the form below.  

NYS Workers' Compensation

Isn’t it time you got your share of the savings?  Join the PIA Workers’ Compensation Safety Group and save big on this annual expense. Since its inception in 1987, participating members have shared over $51,000,000 in premium savings. 

Highlights of the program include:

  • Upfront premium discounts
  • Consistent cash dividends
  • Safety-conscious employers only, increasing your savings
  • “Best in Class” services from our group manager, Gilroy, Kernan & Gilroy
  • Fully insured – no “joint and several” liability exposure

PIA’s Workers’ Compensation Safety Group is a fully-insured program, comprised of safety conscious employers in the printing industry.  Premium is pooled and coverage is obtained through the State Insurance Fund. The premium volume generated enables group members to obtain financial benefits not available on an individual basis. Members receive an up-front dividend and all dollars not used to pay claims and administrative expenses are returned to the membership as a cash dividend.

See chart at left for the past ten years discount and dividend history.

The next time you need assistance in evaluating your company’s insurance programs, contact Tim Freeman at or call (800) 777-4742 and ask about our PIA Insurance, Benefits, and Risk Management Solutions program!

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