Form 7200 – Advance Payments of Employer Credits Due to Covid-19

These instructions give you some background information about Form 7200. The new IRS form for tax credits, plus guidance, can be found here: There are instructions regarding who may file Form 7200, when and how to file it, and how to complete it line by line. For the latest information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) tax … Continued

Application Process Info Issued for Paycheck Protection Program

Federal Government Issues Information on Application Process for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Lenders to begin processing applications April 3rd Over the past several days, many members have contacted us looking for information on the PPP which is being administered by the Small Business Administration. Last night the SBA posted information on its website containing much … Continued

Understanding the Paycheck Protection Program

What is the Paycheck Protection Program? Title 1 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act is the Keeping American Workers Paid and Employed Act, which provides relief for small businesses and their employees who are adversely affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. The cornerstone provision is the “Paycheck Protection Program,” an emergency lending … Continued

NYS Says Printers Who are Vendors or Suppliers to an “Essential Business” are Exempt from Employment Reduction Provisions – With Conditions

New York State says printers who are vendors or suppliers to an “Essential Business”​ are exempt from employment reduction provisions- with conditions Some good news anyway! Over the past few days we have been working with a variety of companies in New York State, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, all dealing with their states designating “essential … Continued

Message to NYS Government: Printing is an Essential Industry in New York

This is the message we are delivering to Governor Cuomo and NYS Government: Print is the invisible backbone of every industry. Without Print, key essentials to life such as clear and concise communication regarding food packaging & pharmaceuticals, labels and tags for medical supplies, signage, critical communications, etc. will come to a screeching halt. Many … Continued

NYS Waiver Request – New Information

In follow up to this morning’s communication, we have developed some text for use in submitting waiver requests for your company. The text can be accessed here. Please note, this text needs to be edited to fit into your own specific circumstance, product etc. Here is the link for the waiver form; We have … Continued

NY Waiver Request Update

Last evening, the NYS Governor’s office finally released guidance and a waiver form for companies wishing to be designated as essential. The guidance contains a list of “essential manufacturing” which includes “Paper Products” Essential manufacturing including: • food processing, including all foods and beverages • chemicals • medical equipment/instruments • pharmaceuticals • safety and sanitary … Continued

COVID-19 Affecting New York State Businesses

Yesterday, at a press conference, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo discussed a pending Executive Order that would mandate businesses to reduce their workforce by 75%, primarily by requiring employees who can work from home to do so. This created a number of calls to our office regarding its application to our industry. As we are … Continued

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