Tips to Improve Your Next Direct Mail Piece

Direct mail, email, social media — any form of communication can be en effective and powerful way to communicate with your audience.  But, if your communication is not strategically timed or doesn’t include relevant information or offers, you’re going to see low response rates. Today, we’re sharing with you a few tips, tricks and stats … Continued

VDP and Your Next Direct Mail Piece

Before sending out or even creating your next direct mail campaign, take the time to get to know your audience.  Understand their likes and interests and invest the time in analyzing their buying habits, because once you understand your customer, it is easy to create a personalized message that entices them to respond.  Furthermore, with … Continued

Fast Facts: Print Marketing

Print is an increasingly powerful form of communication between you and your target audience — between it’s ability to break through the digital clutter and over 60 percent of people preferring print communication from brand — it’s an  integral part of your cross media marketing campaign. Today, we’re going to share with you a few … Continued

The Wrap Up of 2014 Promotions from the USPS

Yesterday, we shared the DMA’s release of the new 2014 USPS promotions.  Today, we are going to share with you the second half of what the USPS has planned for next year. Thanks, again, to the Direct Mail Association for supplying the list of promotions from the USPS that we are sharing with you below: … Continued

USPS 2014 Promotions Released

With 2013 coming to an end, we reminisce on the year and look forward to the new year. This year the USPS is really looking forward to 2014 and their year of promotions. Thanks to the Direct Mail Association for supplying the list of promotions from the USPS: Feb. 1 – Mar 31 — Promotion: … Continued

Personalized vs Generic Marketing

Creating a personalized direct mail campaign is not simply adding a name at the top of a generic message.  True, and powerful, personalization is creating unique messages suited for small segments of your target audience.  Mining your database and understanding the buying habits and preferences of your target audience will allow you to create and … Continued

QR Codes & Print Work Together to Increase Engagement

Print marketing works to bring in new customers and bring back your previous customers. Furthermore, non-profit organizations bring in more donations through direct mail than any other form of communication according to Print is Big —  Seventy-eight percent of donations are received in response to a direct mailing from a nonprofits (Print is Big.) Even … Continued

QR Codes and Your Print Marketing

Print is a powerful medium that has been proven to initiate interest in your product or service.  By combining the power of print with the immediacy of the internet you’re able to generate more interest in your brand and, ultimately, more consumer purchases.  Quick Response codes, or QR codes, are an excellent way to bridge … Continued

Personalized Marketing: Is it Worth it?

Personalized marketing takes a little more time and effort for the marketing department to create and send out to your brand’s database — so, is it worth it?  The short answer, yes. Taking the extra time to reach out to consumers in a less automated way helps to develop relationships with customers so they not … Continued

Why Include a pURL in Your Marketing Mix?

Personalized communication remains one of the most important ingredients in a cross media marketing mix.  By targeting a precise group of people with an individualized message you are able to cut your overall costs by reducing the number of messages created and sent out and  increase response rates because you’re communicating information that is most likely … Continued

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