PRINTING United : A Technology Overview of the BIGGEST Show of the Year

By Amanda Kliegl, Vice President of Public Relations, SGIA PRINTING United (Dallas; October 23 – 25) will help all PSPs navigate the waters of this changing industry. [Get your free expo pass with the Printing Industries Alliance Promo Code 610102]. In less than three weeks, PRINTING United will spotlight the industry’s latest products from the … Continued

PRINTING United offers opportunities for all print providers to grow their businesses in more ways than ever before

By Denise M. Gustavson, Editorial Director & Special Projects Editor, Printing & Packaging, Editor-in-Chief, Wide-Format Impressions, NAPCO Media As the printing industry continues to evolve, PSPs are looking for their next revenue stream and next avenue for growth and expansion. Convergence — where PSPs offer services and products beyond their traditional scope — is continuing … Continued

Register for Post Drupa Report – August 18th in New York City

drupa 2016 is being heralded by many as the most positive and successful exposition in recent memory. Significant technology announcements and demonstrations were the norm in a wide ranging field including inkjet printing, digital finishing and special effects, end-to-end digital workflow, hybrid print and print/finishing solutions, and even significant developments in the offset printing world. … Continued

PIA Brings Drupa to NYC on August 18th

Leading Dusseldorf Exhibitors to Participate in Panels and Presentations Printing Industries Alliance is sponsoring The Post Drupa Report in NYC on Thursday, August 18, 2016. The event will be held at the Club 101 at 101 Park Avenue at 40th Street in Manhattan from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The leading exhibitors from Drupa will … Continued

Last Minute drupa Plans? 1 Room Still Available for PIA drupa Experience!

Last Minute drupa Plans? 1 Room Still Available for Printing Industries Alliance drupa Experience! The Printing Industries Alliance drupa Experience! A Private Turn-Key VIP Tour runs from June 1-6, 2016. One room remains available for this program. If you need a last minute, hassle-free drupa trip, act fast! Printing Industries Alliance President Tim Freeman remarked, “We have heard from … Continued

Print Drives America

Pass the Word: Print Drives America Printing is far bigger and much more influential than many people give it credit for. It’s time to correct the perception. It probably will come as no surprise to hear that the perception of printing is far below where it should be. The reality, however, is that print is … Continued

Zombies Take Over Henry Wurst, Inc.

The zombie “a-print-calypse” has loomed over our industry for quite some time now.  We hear it almost every day … “Print is dead.” “We are in a digital era.” “Email is all you need.” But you would be wise to never underestimate the power of print. * Print is a $640 billion industry. * 80% … Continued

Print Influences your Target Audience

According to a DMA study, online purchases are heavily influenced by offline material.  In fact, 33 percent of online purchases are a direct result of a direct mail catalog.  Additionally, over 60 percent on online brand searches are a direct result of responses to a printed piece such as a direct mailing postcard or letter.  This is … Continued

Marketing Trends — 2014

Multiple articles and studies are showing that the marketing trends for 2014 will revolve around databases, your content and Location-based marketing tactics.  As we move forward into 2014, generic mass messages are no longer receiving response from consumers and are proving to be a waste of money for most businesses and organizations. Location-based marketing.  This … Continued

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