Using Print to Target Potential Customers

Throughout the week, we’ve discussed the importance of sending relevant content to your target audience.  Today, we’re going to focus on how print can be highly targeted and reach a specific portion of your target audience. Personalized Direct Mail. Through both database management and Variable Data Printing technologies, you’re able to produce individualized printed messages in … Continued

What is the Value of using Personalized Marketing Tactics?

Personalized marketing can be incorporated throughout all of your communication elements – be it print, email, web or mobile – if you have an up-to-date database, you can segment your audience and create messages that are most likely going to entice your audience to respond to your communication. Messages that are tailored to the interests … Continued

Three Ways that Print Beats Digital Marketing

There are advantages of both print and digital marketing and when you create a campaign that utilizes both marketing methods your response rates can increase by an average of 33 percent.  But, today, we’re going to discuss three ways that print still beats digital marketing tactics. It adds a little something extra. Digital is easy to … Continued

Three Reasons Why Print is Powerful

Print marketing works well with digital marketing — the two media outlets should be combined to create additional touch points with your target audience and offer an increased number of times a message is seen, heard or read by your brand’s core audience. Both digital and print marketing have benefits and when combined to work … Continued

Three Tips for a Better Direct Mail Piece

Direct mail is a useful tool that enables a brand to reach their audience directly with a personalized message.  Multiple studies have shown varying results, but all of the studies have shown that at least 60 percent of people like to receive direct mail messages from brands they’re familiar with or have done business with … Continued

What’s the Benefit of VDP?

Variable Data Printing allows a marketer to print different, personalized messages more efficiently and cost-effectively.  Variable Data Printing is more than just a personalized name or even message — VDP offers the ability to use different pictures and graphics as well — allowing your message to be visually appealing to your core audience and coincide … Continued

Print Marketing Myths Debunked

Just as with any rumor, rumors start to grow and make their way around to a lot of people before anyone realizes that the rumor is not true.  Today we’re going to debunk a few of the myths that are swirling around out there regarding the print and paper industry. Rumor 1 — Print is … Continued

The Print Industry is Environmentally Conscious

The Print industry is environmentally conscious.  Using a printed product such as a book, while it has a larger one-time carbon footprint, its overall carbon footprint is much smaller than the e-book or tablet that is powered up everyday.  To put it in perspective — if you were to burn four CD’s, that would have … Continued

The Value of Print Marketing

Print is an experience.  Print is tangible.  Print messages are able to generate emotion from more than just sight.  You can touch it, see it and hold the message in the palm of your hand.  Print can engage multiple senses and can, therefore, create strong emotions and reactions to the designed piece.  There is power … Continued

Direct Mail Breaks through the Digital Clutter

In today’s world of constant and instant communication our consumer’s attention is constantly being divided, be it text messages, emails, social and online messages, it can be hard to earn a portion of their time and attention among all of the digital clutter.  The ability to break through the digital clutter is one of the … Continued

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