“Print Drives America” Quickly Gains Momentum And Beats Expectations

New York, July 22, 2018……The Printing Industries Alliance launched its Print Drives America initiative just 10 months ago at a press conference at PRINT 17 in Chicago. The Print Drives America Foundation has driven its message via an ambitious PR Campaign and speaking engagements that have crisscrossed the marketplace. Our message of PRINT being the … Continued

Direct Mail Marketing Slide Show

Direct mail is a powerful form of communication that enables your brand’s message to be delivered directly into the palm of your target audience’s homes.  Direct mail not only has a high read rate, recent DMA Stats showed that direct mail has a higher response rate when compared to email marketing. Below we are sharing … Continued

Catalogs help to Boost Revenue

In a recent Forbes article by Lois Geller, “If Direct Mail is Dying, It’s Sure Taking Its Time About It,” the use of catalogs and their effectiveness was discussed.  The author brings up a good point for any direct mail skeptics… “If direct mail is ‘dying,’ then why do marketers still use it?”  The short … Continued

Use Print to Reach Your Target Market

There is value in every form of marketing, but today we are going to focus on how direct mail and print marketing can enhance your cross media campaign.  According to Marketing Research Insight, magazine print ads have a higher engagement rate than both television and web marketing.  Furthermore, printed messages drive over 60 percent of … Continued

Three Reasons why Print is Powerful

Print marketing reaches an audience in a way that cannot be easily ignored or lost in the clutter of digital messaging.  Today, we’re going to discuss three reasons why print marketing is a valuable asset. First, print gets your audience’s attention.  With what seems like thousands of daily emails, text messages, web page visits, e-newsletters, … Continued

Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Print

Print marketing is a powerful tool to use when communicating with your target audience.  In the past there have been myths that print is going to completely ‘die.’  Just as radio didn’t ‘die’ when television came to the scene and television didn’t ‘die’ when the internet emerged nor will print ‘die’ with the options of … Continued

Use Print to Reach Your Target Audience

Print marketing is a tangible way to bring your message directly into the palm of your target audience’s hands.  With digital media, you are able to send email or texts instantly, but because of the mass amount of digital messages being sent, there are fewer digital messages being opened — in fact, digital messaging open … Continued

Direct Mail Appeals to the Younger Generation

Digital media is a powerful way to communicate — you’re able to track in real-time and even answer any consumer questions or complaints almost immediately.  But, in a world where people seem to be constantly glued to a screen — from computer to T.V. to phone — the younger generation (18-34 years) is speaking out … Continued

2013: Direct Mail Marketing Statistics

Reaching consumers and engaging them with your content is the key to marketing success.  With the average person seeing over 3,000 messages on a daily basis it’s becoming easier to reach consumers — through social media, email and mobile, but it is becoming much harder to actually engage your target audience with your message. With … Continued

Infographic: Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail continues to prove to be an integral component in your marketing mix as direct mail marketing has seen a 14 percent increase in ROI over the past few years (Print is Big) and over 80 percent of direct mail recipients choose to read or skim their mailers. Additionally, over 60 percent on online … Continued

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