ChoosePrint delivers the message on Print

Print delivers the message to the reader and not to the “Delete” file. Saving trees by not using paper is the same as not eating bread to save wheat plants. Trees and wheat are naturally renewing resources using only the energy of the sun. In the US, three times more paper is recycled than sent … Continued

Print is Environmentally Friendly

Print marketing offers marketers the ability to bring in new and returning business and enables marketers to engage their audience longer through the use of new technologies such as pURLs and QR Codes.  But, print’s ability to serve as an environmentally conscious communication method has come to question.  Today, we’re here to share with you … Continued

Environmental Footprints: Print Vs. Digital

More and more, as humans, we are seeing the absolute need to be more environmentally conscious both individually and as a collective society.  On an individual level, we’re taking strides to use less water — turning off the foucet while brushing your teeth or doing the dishes and we’re recycling more — in the pasty … Continued

The Facts: Print & the Environment

Print media is an environmentally conscious form of marketing and communicating.  Both print and digital media will leave their environmental footprint, but, with print, there is a one-time only carbon footprint that continues to get smaller and smaller with new types of print and paper production technology. Of the trees harvested for production only 11 … Continued

Print is Green

Print continues to prove its value within a brand’s marketing mix with statistics showing that 60 percent of brand searches stem from printed messages and over 60 percent of people claiming to prefer print to other forms of digital communication.  Additionally, with the growth of Quick Response code success, print and digital media, now, more … Continued

Print is Green

A study from the U.S. Postal Service recorded that only 1.8% of household waste is from advertising direct mail messages and catalogues.  Furthermore, recently, the number of households that participate in recycling have increased by a substantial amount; with only about 150,000 in the late 90’s to more than 1.21 million now. Today about 70% … Continued

Get the Facts: Print is Green

Print and paper are an environmentally friendly form of communication. In the United States the trees used to generate paper come from well-managed tree farms.  Furthermore, the amount of trees in the U.S. has actually grown since the first Earth Day, in 1970,  by 20 percent.  The owners of the tree farms have a lot … Continued

Print is Green

There is power in print — it cuts through the digital clutter and can be extremely personalized.  But, print is also environmentally conscious.   There have been multiple reports and studies shared over the past few years regarding print’s environmental footprint.  Today, we’d like to share some of the results of these various studies. One … Continued

Print & The Environment

Recently, the print and paper industry have had to battle big digital companies such as  Google’s “Paperless 2013″ and Toshiba’s attempted “No Print Day” back in October of 2012.  Printing Industries of America, Two Sides and other representatives of the print and paper industry have continuously stepped up to combat these marketing initiatives –ensuring that … Continued

Rolling Stones Video Regarding Tree Farms

Chuck Leavell is the lead pianist for the Rolling Stones and the Allman Brothers, but he’s also an environmentalist and a tree farmer.  In a CNN video clip he explains why tree farms are crucial to the sustainability of our forests, because tree farms, on average, plant three trees for every one tree harvested. Check … Continued

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