QR Code Statistics — Infographic

Yesterday, we briefly discussed using QR codes on your direct mail messages. Today, we’re sharing with you an infographic that demonstrates not only the substantial increase in usage amongst both marketers and consumers, but also break down consumer usage by age as well. The increase in overall QR Codes usage was up over 4,000 percent … Continued

Why Include QR Codes on Your Printed Messages?

Printed messages break through the clutter and QR codes and digital marketing help to maintain and engage your customers.  It is because of this balance, cross media marketing has become such an extremely powerful tactic when trying to increase your reach and frequency. Not only do QR codes offer a platform to expand the amount … Continued

Including a pURL in your Marketing Mix

Including a personalized URL in your marketing mix not only adds a personalized element to your direct mail or email communication, but it also adds another communication point to start and continue to build a relationship with your customer.  In addition to building a strong relationship with your customer, pURLs also enable you to track … Continued

DMA Study: QR Codes

A new study from the Direct Mail Association showed that Quick Response codes, or QR codes, are not only increasing in usage, but they are also seeing an increase in response rates from consumers.  Additionally, QR codes used in magazine ads actually had a higher scanning rate than QR codes that were included on direct … Continued

Why use Interactive Print Marketing?

Including QR codes on your direct mail messages not only increases the recipients engagement with your brand’s message, but it also allows you to better track your mailing’s success.  QR codes can increase engagement and your response rate, but there are certain tips to follow that help to ensure your QR code and your mailer’s success. Today … Continued

“2013 Socialnomics” Video Released

Every year Socialnomics releases an annual video regarding the marketing and social media statistics of that year.  The 2013 video has been released and we’d like to share with you this video. Social media, print and digital messages are powerful – the video’s statistics prove this – the important part of marketing today isn’t whether … Continued

What’s the Value of QR Codes?

Alone QR codes and direct mail are engaging, but together QR codes and direct mail can be extremely influential.  According to MediaPost Publications, 62 percent of people in the U.S. own a smartphone — and as smartphone users continue to grow, the amount of people who scan and engage with a QR code’s content increases as … Continued

The Importance of QR Code Landing Pages

A QR code is only as valuable as its landing page.  If the landing page of a 2D code takes too long to load, isn’t relevant or isn’t what was promised to the person scanning the code on the printed message, they’re most likely not going to spend any additional time with that landing page … Continued

The Why, How & Where of QR Codes

Cross media offers the ability to transfer your target audience from your printed message to your digital message with one quick scan of a 2D code.  Doing so increases the amount of time consumers spend with the message from your brand. Today, we are going to discuss the “Why, How & Where” of QR codes … Continued

Personalized Marketing Report

Personalized marketing helps to capture a readers attention and can create a more engaged audience, but studies are showing, that if personalization is not used correctly it will actually decrease the value of your message for your target audience. An “Email Metrics Report” found that when a person’s name is added into the subject line … Continued

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