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Print marketing works well with digital marketing — the two media outlets should be combined to create additional touch points with your target audience and offer an increased number of times a message is seen, heard or read by your brand’s core audience.

Both digital and print marketing have benefits and when combined to work with one another, there become fewer holes in your marketing mix and more of your target audience is reached.  Today, we’re going to focus on a few of the benefits of print marketing.

Print can break through the digital clutter.  With so many digital messages coming to a person every day — email, texts, social media — it’s hard to get your message seen, let alone read, with all of the digital messages vying for your audiences’ attention.  A Encore Multi-Media Article stated that, “While only 20 percent of people have clicked on a banner ad, over 80 percent of people skim or read their direct mail messages.”

Additionally, print adds credibility.  Print media has been shown to be the number one most trusted form of media in multiple studies, however, the internet was voted as the least most trusted form of communication.  This is one of the reasons many people still prefer to receive their bills and other important documents via direct mail, not just email or online.

Finally, print has a long life span.  Unlike a digital messages that is archived or completely gone the moment it’s read, print has a tendency to stay around longer.  Almost a quarter of direct mail is kept for a month or more and magazines have an average lifespan of at least a month.

Print is powerful, memorable and effective.

Timothy Freeman
Printing Industries Alliance

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Direct mail is a useful tool that enables a brand to reach their audience directly with a personalized message.  Multiple studies have shown varying results, but all of the studies have shown that at least 60 percent of people like to receive direct mail messages from brands they’re familiar with or have done business with in the past.  Additionally, over 80 percent of direct mail marketing messages are at least skimmed or read by the recipient.

Direct mail offers results for marketers, but there are ways to make your mailing even more powerful, impressionable and effective.

Before even creating the mailing, you must first review, sort and analyze your database.  Segment your list into subgroups of like-minded individuals, who’ve made similar past purchases or fall into the same demographic categories.  Once you’ve sorted your list, create relevant messages for each segment of your audience.  Using Variable Data Printing you’re able to print multiple messages in one print-run, making it easier than ever to produce multiple, personalized messages for different portions of your target audience.

Choose one call-to-action.  Your message should be concise, as the average time your audience has to spend with your brand’s message is seemingly ever-decreasing in today’s fast-paced world.  Your call-to-action should be clear, easy to see and understand and easy to take action — whether it’s calling the recipient to simply go online for more information or actually come to your establishment — the message needs to be easy and actionable for your target audience.

Include Interactive print — a pURL or QR code will add another touch point with your audience and offer a longer engagement period between your message and its audience.  Additionally, pURLs and QR codes are easy to track and can help your sales staff follow up more effectively with personalized communication in the future.

Timothy Freeman
Printing Industries Alliance

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