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Many well-known brands such as Target, Amazon and Netflix use predictive analytics to offer their users a unique and personalized experience both in their digital spaces and through their printed pieces.  While big-name brands are using predictive analytics, small and medium sized businesses can use predictive analytics as well.  For your Friday we’re going to discuss a few of the benefits of using predictive analytics to boost your marketing campaigns.

Predictive analytics will increase your customers’ engagement with your brand. By sending relevant messages, you target audience is more likely to not only take the time to listen or read what you have to say, but they are also more likely to respond to your call to action because you are sending them messages that relate to their personal buying preferences.

Using predictive analytics you are able to reduce your overall marketing costs.  By understanding your target audience and segmenting your target market into smaller, more manageable groups with similar interests and buying habits, you can reduce the number of messages sent out by your brand.  Furthermore, by understanding when and what your customer is most likely interested in buying, you can send personalized messages rather than sending an abundance of generic messages to everyone in your database.

Finally, predictive analytics can help you create relevant offers for your target audience. By collecting and storing the purchase history of your target market you’re able to create relevant promotions based upon what people buy and how often they make purchases.  Furthermore, predictive analytics can identify which promotions worked and which promotions were not as popular.

Timothy Freeman
Printing Industries Alliance

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Cross media marketing campaigns work to unite all of your brand’s marketing messages and ensure that your message is heard by your target audience through more than one touch point.  A HubSpot survey offers statistics that demonstrate the need to incorporate more than one communication channel — from print to email to social to mobile marketing — each channel of communication reaches a portion of your audience you may not have been able to reach without it.

Today we’re going to review a few statistics of each communication channel that support the need for the use of multiple points of communication in your marketing mix.

Social Media:
Social Media Marketing has continuously evolved throughout the past few years, while it’s still a place for people to share information, it’s also, more than ever, a place for people to find information.  YouTube is now the second largest Search Engine (after Google) and Facebook and Twitter continually prove to be fast ways to share and find information about everything from products to sharing personal information with friends and family.

Social media also has another benefit.  Social media helps with your brand’s Search Engine Optimization.  In fact, companies that keep blogs with keywords relating to their products and services can expect 55 percent higher traffic rates than website without a blog (HubSpot.)

Print Media:
While many searches are being conducted on social media sites, over 60 percent of online searches are instigated because of a printed piece — from direct mail to flyers to brochures.  Furthermore, print has the ability to cut through the clutter of digital media.

Mobile Marketing:
Mobile marketing is not only growing a marketer’s ability to reach potential customers on a local level, but it also allows for a more educated consumer as 40 percent of U.S. smartphone owners compare prices on their mobile device while in-store and shopping for a product.

Email Marketing:
Email marketing has the ability to reach customers instantaneously and, with the increased use of mobile phones, emails are checked on-the-go as well as at the desktop.  According to the HubSpot survey, 78 percent of people are now checking their email from their mobile phones.

By using a combination of each communication touch point, you’re not only able to increase your message’s frequency, you’re also able to expand your message’s reach to a larger audience.

Timothy Freeman
Printing Industries Alliance

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