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Whether you are fully engulfed in digital services or still exploring them, Printing Industries Alliance has resources for you.

Whether you are exploring new technologies, evaluating the business issues surrounding digital production, examining technology trends or a seasoned pro looking to network with others – read on!

Digital Print Council (DPC) - DPC membership is a free service that comes with your Printing Industries Alliance membership.  DPC provides information tools and publications that help you be more productive, efficient, and profitable with digital printing business applications and technologies, cross media marketing opportunities, emerging technologies and innovations, web and e-commerce social media engagement and help for members that wish to transition their business model.

Web 2 Print Test Driver – A one-stop shop for printers, print buyers, marketers and others who need to learn more about Web 2 Print solutions.  Web 2 Print Test Drive includes a feature comparing specific product capabilities, contact information and more.

Designing For Digital - Online newsletter featuring topics relating to effective design for digital printing.

Social Media Resources - A variety of publications, white papers and benchmarking studies are available, many at no cost, on utilizing social media to promote your firm and marketing these services to your customers.


  • VDP Costing and Pricing – The Fundamentals: Explore the fundamental aspects of VDP costing and pricing and the difference between estimating and pricing VDP versus static printing
  • QR Codes – A Primer For Printers:  Extend the value of the printed page while providing more interactive and engaging information through the use of QR codes
  • Digital Printing and Survivability in the US Postal System:  Review the results of a research study showing how various digital printing solutions and substrates formed from a variety of mailing locales and distances
  • Augmented Reality – Extending the Value of Print:  An overview of augmented reality technologies and their relevance to print
  • Digital Printing Report: Update members on the latest technology applications, case studies and support services. 
  • Tech Reports:  Published regularly, Tech Reports examine technical details of key topics such as color management, calibration and profiling for soft proofing, reproducing large solids on toner-based equipment and more
  • Economic Studies:  Looks at the business management issues of digital printing, including financial ratios for        digital printers, successful business models, Print market analysis and more
  • Conferences and Workshops:  Regular programs, webinars, seminars, workshops, and conferences on recent topics:  Cross Media Services, Becoming a MSP, JDF Automation, G7 Certification, Color Management, RSS feeds and links
  • One stop shop for all of the RSS Feeds, Blogs and Links to all things digital

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